How To Pick Long Shots

A step by step guide to finding extreme value at the race track

how to pick long shots in horseracing




Handicapping Selections by Christian Blake


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Learning How To Handicap

If you're an absolute beginner to horse racing, I suggest you read my book, How To Win At Horse Racing. It's a 21 step tutorial that teaches how to handicap. I've broken down the handicapping process and simplified it. Inside you'll find a step-by-step process designed for beginners, one designed for intermediate players, and one designed for those who want to play like a professional.


Once you've acquired a basic understanding of handicapping, I recommend you read my other book, How To Pick Long Shots. You'll learn three specific scenarios where long shots often win (long shots are the key to winning big). You must learn how to find value when selecting your horses. Both of my books show you how.