How To Pick Long Shots

A step by step guide to finding extreme value at the race track

how to pick long shots in horseracing




Handicapping Selections by Christian Blake


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Money Management

Money Management is almost more important than knowing how to handicap. You must be in control of your wagering from the very first race to the very last. The general rule is to never bet more than 5% of your total bank roll on a single bet. Thus, if your bankroll is $100, then you shouldn't wager more than $5. I take it a step further and restrict myself to "5% per selection".


It's important to know when you're relying too much on one specific horse to win. If you place a WIN bet, then an Exacta with your selection on top, then a Pick 3 with your horse keyed in one leg, and then a Pick 4 with your horse keyed again, guess what? You will lose every one of your bets if your one selection loses. Your 5% investment should relate to one selection.