How To Pick Long Shots

A step by step guide to finding extreme value at the race track

how to pick long shots in horseracing




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How Many Race Tracks Should I Play?

I recommend you become an expert at one race track. The way to do that is to focus your engergy into handicapping every race on the card at one specific track. Watch the replays of every horse, and watch the race replays for the days that you don't go. You'll get to understand the jockeys and their styles, and you'll start remembering horses by name and who they ran against in their last start without having to perform any research (very helpful).


I primarily play Golden Gate race track, and I won't lie: I get razzed by my friends because I'm so focused on one track. Although they may laugh and poke fun at me, you can bet they listen when I give my input on horses running at Golden Gate.