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Horse Racing Selections by the month – 1 slot available

I have one slot available for my monthly selections.

Scroll to the top of the page for pricing and details.

Pace Sheets for Aqueduct, Santa Anita, Golden Gate, Tampa Bay, and Gulfstream Sunday April 26th

You can find samples of my pace sheets at the bottom of this post.

To purchase my pace sheets in PDF format for Sunday, April 26th:

Today’s pace numbers for AQU, GG, SA, GP, TAM, Sunday, April 26th, are now available in the sample section – click here.


Sunday April 19th, 2015 Horse Racing Selections

For those that are interested, here are links to my pace analysis

for Aqueduct, Santa Anita, Golden Gate, Tampa Bay, and Gulfstream

park for Sunday, April 19th.


Santa Anita

Golden Gate

Tampa Bay



How to use this information:

The 1st number is a 4 furlong speed, the 2nd number is the late speed (everything after the 1/2 mile time), and the 3rd number is a combination/comparison of the first two (lowest number is best for the combined number).


Races fall into three classes:

(1) Fast to 4f, then slow

(2) Slow to 4f, then fast

(3) Evenly distributed throughout

When races are evenly distributed, it’s tough to spot standouts. This is where the combined number comes into play. If a horse is low on early/late speed, but is among the highest combined numbers, then it’s probably from an evenly distributed race and should be considered for the win position.

For Sprint races on dirt/synthetic: Look to one of the first three early pace horses for the winner.

For Route/All Turf races: Look to one of the first three late pace horses for the winner.

Horse Racing Selections
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