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Santa Anita Selections Sunday January 24th

Santa Anita Picks Sunday January 24th

Race 1: Unapologetic, Just A Gem, Two The Punch, Jes Jaa
Race 2: Goldrushcat, Olotta Shaken, Feeling Talkative, Lucky Cherry
Race 3: No Picks!
Race 4: Imperious One, Trust Your Gut, Danzing Candy, Tusk
Race 5: Achiever’s Legacy, Show Stealer, Divina Comedia, All Star Bub
Race 6: Trinitas Soldier, Hoffenheim, Bistraya, Prince of Arabia
Race 7: Rocket Heat, Holy Lute, County Lineman, Bench Warrant
Race 8: Exactamente, Star of Munster, Dixie Spice, Octofy
Race 9: L.A. Magic, Altaira, Miss Gifted, Missy Mouse

Tampa Bay Selections Sunday January 24th, 2016

Tamp Bay Sunday January 24th

Race 1: Gimmedapurse, Emmy Who, Back For Dinner, Sugah Sweet
Race 2: My Cousin Charlie, Tonite Tonite, Bright Blue, Espion
Race 3: Cherokee Colours, Sandia Crest, Springcourt, Pal Tarrevenge
Race 4: Glacial Ocean, Super Mazz, Political Man, Flashing Cat
Race 5: Wagga Wagga, Elusive Starship, Bootsontheground, Empire Image
Race 6: Weeza Gone Gray, Red Sauce, Jimmu, Cinque
Race 7: Sultry Town Cat, R Beauty’s A Beast, No Tottino Party, Magic Ten
Race 8: No More Chillin, Royal Almighty, Highly Prized, CC’s Warrior
Race 9: Double The Cheers, Fancy Man, Flying Frank, Caleb’s A Survivor
Race 10: Gray Satellite, Don Tirso Q, JV Three, Philoctetes

Tampa Bay Picks Saturday January 23rd 2016

Race 1: Great Aztec, Seeker, Red Rocket Express, Substraight
Race 2: Cool Blue Moon, Lefty Got It Right, Harveson, He Did It His Way
Race 3: Bandolera’s Gold, Kicking Kitty, Connect The Dots, Terry Blossom
Race 4: Melody Pomeroy, Litlemissmartypants, Acrostic, Mo Mon’s Copycat
Race 5: No Picks!
Race 6: R Girls A Charmer, Cosmic Girl, Missalaney, Valueable Charmer
Race 7: Morning Fire, Flashy Kyem, Epic Journey, Hand of Power
Race 8: Cowboy Luke, Arctic Slope, Peso, Chiseled
Race 9: Savings Account, Joint Return, Her Majesty’s Flag, Inoovative Idea
Race 10: Veracious, British Bulldog, Denim Blue, Italian Charm
Race 11: Extremist, Sweet Sandy, Issheit, Watch This Cat

Horse Racing Selections
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Recent Long Shots
Long Shots from Thursday 9/24 thru Sunday 9/27 Biggest long shot of the weekend: Novelty Act ($100) 9/26 #2 Late Pace AP 9
Thursday 9/24 Este Es ($22.40), Gabriel's Cat ($39.40), Captain Toews ($16.80) Above Fashion ($13.40), Erik the Red ($11.40), What's Fair ($15.00)Lydia's Angel ($19.60), Aunt Dixiejo ($19.40)
Friday 9/25 Estrada's Girl ($70.00), Loki's Vengeance ($13.40), Britannia's Moat ($12.40), Ila ($12.80), Super Zapper ($10.40)
Saturday 9/26 Key to Power ($13.00), Novelty Act ($100.20), Tiz Happening ($30.20),Aix En Provence ($14.20), Danalin ($11.00), Berra ($22.40), Palace Gate ($16.20), Teresa`s Pride ($27.70)
Sunday 9/27 Curlins Pride ($10.60), Gotcha Key ($30.40), Silver Sassy ($74.00), Arte Latino ($15.60), Rock Solid Golfer ($13.40) Tallow ($14.80),
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